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I seriously cannot stop listening to Thrift Shop by Macklemore. What can I say? It was 99 cents!

High-five to AU for having the shittiest server for registration


have you ever been in the eagles nest alone

just you and the workers

because it is a very strange environment

First 10 to reblog.


Gets a promo.

Must be following.

A. Bra size?
B. Height?
C. Body type?
D. Last time you masturbated?
E. Left or right handed? Same to masturbate?
F. Pictures or videos?
G. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual?
H. Favorite type of porn?
I. Any weird fetishes?
J. Biggest turn on?
K. Biggest turn off?
L. Ever let someone watch you…


funny how no one at the DNC has to pretend to like Obama

it felt like the speakers at the RNC had to choke out vaguely positive things about Romney